Litter A : 

We are happy to announce that puppies are born at the end of April / May. We expect them to be of a balanced nature, excellent pigment, great temperament, excellent health. They will be suitable for exhibitions, cynological activities, but especially for family members. We accept preliminary bookings for puppies.

Both white beans are fed with NutraGold Holistic's top holistic feed and the puppies will be fed after weaning. Granules receive high quality raw meat, yogurt, curd, eggs, raw bones, etc. We consider Barf as a suitable way of feeding if the owner can properly dispose of the composition of the individual batches. However, we are not inclined to a clean barf in puppies or in a growing dog, because any bug or lack of any ingredient will damage the dog and the consequences will be put to the end of life. We think that a combination of quality granules with the above-mentioned goodies - meat, curd, yoghurt etc. can give the dog everything he needs. Our bellies have grown from a puppy without any problems and are enjoying excellent health.

Litter B:

In autumn we're planning Korry puppies. We carefully choose the father of future puppies, long-haired, balanced in character, solid health and exquisite exteriors.